Our Signatures Initiatives



We actively promote breast health in our community co-organizing and sponsoring an annual Breast Cancer and African American conference with our partner Stanford Cancer Institute. Approximately 650 women gather to receive updated information on treatment, participation in trials, and the inspirational stories of survivors. Additionally, NCBWSF partners with CPMC identifying economically challenged women to receive free appointments and transportation to exams. NCBWSF also conducts educational workshops supporting enrollment in California’s affordable health care.


Collaborating with San Francisco Public Library and the African American Art and Culture Complex, NCBWSF and its partners conduct quarterly literary events featuring the multicultural books written by women of color. Aptly named Our Voices, Our Stories, the series provides an audience for these women writers and a market for their work. The interviews and readings are videoed to allow continued sharing of their work and perspectives.


Employment/Economic Development

We expanded our Doris Ward Job Training program to Marin County and added a parenting and civic engagement component to the job readiness curriculum. This program engages women who are unemployed or underemployed and provides a stipend to them at $20/hr for their hours of program participation.



Inspiring women to lead with purpose is a primary accomplishment of NCBWSF. We achieve this with an annual forum, My Sister’s Keeper and with our annual “Bridging the Generations” Golden Girls Hats & Gloves Tea. The former offers workshops lead by thought leaders across multiple disciplines.