Keeping our community healthy one meal at a time.

Our Focus.

Childhood & Family Obesity 

Presented as a workshop series, it is designed to assist children and parents on how to make better food choices and become more involved in physical activities. Children’s improved academic performances and parents and/or children that are taking medication may be able to lower dosages or the need for medication (for illnesses that may not continue to exist) due to making healthier choices. Specific topics include: label reading, well-balanced meals, portion sizes, recipe modifications, healthy snacks and packing lunches for school/work. Topics will also include behavior modification to help overweight children and adolescents replace negative behaviors with positive, healthy behaviors. Additionally, participants will be involved in planning nutritious meals.  It is our intention that all of these efforts combined with physical activity and family involvement can result into improving one’s overall self image.

Metabolic Syndrome Initiative Workshops

These workshops are designed to educate the community on conditions that increase risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. They consist of lectures, forums and health fairs that allow people to become informed on the probability of having or are at risk of having metabolic syndrome. The primary objective of this program is to assure that people in the community know how to control their health and how to choose foods wisely, quit or minimize smoking, and if prescribed medications how to take them properly.

Mental Illness Disorders

NCBW-SF teamed up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness San Francisco, in designing and executing an in-school program that delivers “awareness” workshops in San Francisco’s public high schools.  The workshops provide firsthand accounts by young speakers who share their personal experiences with mental illness while health professionals identify healthcare resources available to families and individuals (especially young people experiencing their first schizophrenic episode).

As part of NCBWSF’s efforts to address health disparities of diabetes and obesity that arise in association with mental illness, NCBWSF and NAMISF works in partnership to conduct educational classes that are open to the general public and is offered in the Southeast area of San Francisco. The sessions focus on identifying, understanding, and treating mental illness, and the awareness of possible medical issues. The open discussion helps to reduce the stigma that impedes healthcare for metabolic diseases.

Additionally, NCBWSF partnered with CPMC identifying economically challenged women to receive free appointments and transportation to exams. NCBWSF also conducted educational workshops supporting enrollment in California’s affordable health care.

Our Community Partners